Seasonal Lawn Clean Up

At Potomac Lawns LLC, our seasonal clean up services ensure your property looks its best year-round. In addition to making your lawn more attractive, our seasonal clean up services are an opportunity to prepare your turf for the upcoming months. We offer seasonal clean up for residential, commercial, and property management companies throughout Southern Maryland.

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Spring Clean Up

Spring clean up is an often overlooked, critical aspect of lawn care. Any leaves that have fallen late in the season or debris that has packed down over the winter are removed to allow moisture and sunlight to reach your turf. A combination of backpack blowers, hand rakes, and our vacuum equipment will leave your lawn looking like winter never happened.

Fall Lawn & Leaf Pick Up

Fall clean up includes the removal of leaves and sticks autumn leaves behind, which will prevent the heavy, wet foliage from suffocating the turf. Dark, moist environments are breeding grounds for diseases which can damage your lawn over the winter. 

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