Lawn Care Dentsville MD

Since 2000, Potomac Lawns has been the best lawn care service in Dentsville MD providing a variety of services including shrub trimming, seasonal cleanup, lawn mowing, and more. Your property is your first impression to friends, family, neighbors, and customers. You need it maintained to perfection by a company with technicians that are experienced, reliable, and professional. At Potomac Lawns, we strive to provide the best service, the best products, all at the best prices.

Professional Shrub Trimming

Not trimming your shrubs can leave them bushy and large, resulting in an ugly appearance and your shrubs not getting the necessary sunlight or nutrients they need. The shrub can become too big to support itself, which will make it begin to decay or thin out. Shrub trimming allows your plants to grow healthy and retain it's natural shape. It promotes fresh growth, more flowers, and an overall stronger shrub.

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