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When homeowners need lawn care in Waldorf MD, they know they can count on the landscaping experts at Potomac Lawns. Our team has provided residential lawn maintenance services throughout Southern MD for over 15 years. Our mission is to help keep your lawn looking immaculate throughout the year. We know how much goes into a great lawn, which is why we offer a variety of premium services.

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Get the best lawn care and shrub trimming service in Waldorf MD

As your locally owned and operated lawn care professionals in Waldorf MD, we have a strong commitment to providing the area with excellent professional lawn care services including shrub trimming, lawn mowing, seasonal lawn cleanup, and more!

To keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, it is important to follow through with the appropriate maintenance. Following a schedule with each step laid out at the appropriate time of year will help to remedy potential turf problems, treat and prevent weeds, pests, and more. Keep your lawn looking its best by working on it all year round.

We also offer core aeration which is very important for your lawn. Excess thatch build-up and compacted soils are two major influences on the health and growth of your lawn. Core aeration can help reduce thatch and relieve compaction to provide a greener and healthier lawn.

Our lawn mowing services are the best in Waldorf MD. Lawn mowing is the most important yard maintenance chore, and how you mow determines the quality of your lawn. Proper mowing practices are extremely critical to maintain a healthy, green lawn.  When you slice the growth of your grass down to a short, uniform level on a regular basis, you are improving overall growth because there will be an even distribution and absorption of resources that come from the sun and water. Consistency in growth is critical in maintaining a beautiful yard.

Landscape Maintenance in Waldorf MD

Potomac Lawns offers the best landscape maintenance services in Waldorf MD. We offer a consistent mowing schedule throughout the year to keep your lawn looking pristine. We provide unparalleled landscape maintenance services in Waldorf MD and will keep your lawn at the correct height to receive optimal sun and hydration. A well maintained lawn that surrounds your Waldorf MD home will boost curb appeal, increase the value of your home, and leave your lawn happy and healthy all year long! Potomac Lawns would be happy to help you create a landscape maintenance plan that works for your yard. Give us a call today!

Benefits of Landscaping Services

Most homeowners want to make sure the investments they make to their home and property are valid. Some people may wonder if landscaping is important or necessary. Utilizing landscaping services will provide these 6 benefits:

• Increases the value of your property
• Promotes a healthy yard
• Prevents tree decay and death
• Decreases a fire from reaching your home
• Saves you money by careful maintenance of your trees. Trees are expensive to replace, so maintenance is critical.
• Reduces liability concerns. Trees that aren't cared for may decay posing a risk to others and their vehicles.
• Beautifies your home and property

Spring Landscaping in Waldorf MD

In our continued effort to educate you on proper and effective lawn care and landscaping, we hope the following reminders help you feel equipped and knowledgeable. Spring landscaping is vital to the year-round health of your yard!

  • Plant. Spring temperatures provide a low stress environment that is perfect for planting. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to buying new plants, try transplanting an existing one from your yard. Regardless, don’t forget to make sure your newly planted trees and shrubs have plenty of room to grow.
  • Inspect your yard. It’s important to check your yard for potential issues. Spend some time inspecting your trees, shrubs, flowers, and hardscapes for any damage they may have suffered during the off-season. Hopefully, it’s as simple as just removing a few broken branches or repairing a crack in a bench, but it’s important to check and be aware of more serious issues.

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