Lawn Care for Southern MD

At Potomac Lawns LLC, we provide professional grounds maintenance services for residential, commercial, and property management companies in La Plata, MD, and throughout Southern Maryland. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and let you relax on the weekends! We'll customize a maintenance program that best suits your needs. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

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Lawn Mowing

Our mowers’ blades are kept sharpened to ensure that your lawn in White Plains and Waldorf MD gets the best cut. We also mow in different directions every time to keep your turfgrass healthy. Starting every spring, we provide weekly mowing services since your grass will grow quickly. During the summer, we mow on a bi-weekly basis. Call our lawn care experts today for a free estimate. We understand that every lawn has different needs and therefore requires different care. Let Potomac Lawns LLC put together a comprehensive solution for your landscape! Maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn doesn’t have to be difficult when you allow us to do the work. 

Shrub Trimming

We provide professional shrub trimming to ensure your plants retain beautiful shape. Shrub trimming promotes a stronger shrub and fresh growth. We trim along edges, objects, sidewalks, and roadways to make your freshly mowed lawn look neat and crisp.

Core Aeration

Lawn aeration is a very important lawn care service that will give your lawn a head start in the spring. Fall lawn aeration can be done as well. This process is performed with a specialized coring machine which removes aeration core plugs of soil that are three inches long and about the diameter of a dime. Performing lawn core aeration helps reduce thatch build up, allowing important nutrients, air, and water to reach the root zone of your turf. The exchange will promote new growth producing healthy turf. As part of your total lawn care service, aerating should be a part of your lawn maintenance program every year.

Bush Hogging

If you need land cleared, we can get the job done right! We take care of the initial clean up as well as regularly mow your land to keep it cleared. From small to large jobs, here are some of the services we offer:

  • Clear areas surrounding storm ponds
  • Bush hogging for residential & commercial properties
  • Mowing of large fields
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